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Whitsunday, Nine Days of Prayer, Day 8 - Gentleness

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Have sweeter words than these ever been uttered? Whether we are heavy ladened with our sins or have grown weary in laboring in the harvest field for the sake of the Gospel, Jesus reminds us that he will refresh us, or give us rest. Even his yoke is called “easy” or “good.” We find when we are bound to Christ as two oxen are bound together – that the work he puts us too can only be called good, and that it is in Him and that good work we find His refreshment. His gentleness models for us what it means to be gentle. It is in His gentleness that we find a safe and good place to rest – we are called to be likewise gentle. Here are some questions you can prayerfully ask yourself today:

1. Is there ungentleness the Lord is calling me to repent of?

2. Am I creating a place where people can find refreshment in the shadow of Christ? 3. In what ways has the Lord called me to be gentle to those whom I interact with day in and day out?

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