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Your first time visiting

We invite all people to come and worship with us and pray that our Lord Jesus Christ would meet you as you worship him in the beauty of holiness. If you are coming from a Bible or Evangelical church background you may have heard about Anglicanism from Christian leaders such as J.I. Packer, John Stott, C.S. Lewis, or Charles Simeon and are curious to see if it is for you. 



Liturgical worship may initially feel foreign. One of the first things we would like to encourage you to do is pay attention to how much of the service quotes or alludes to scripture. You may be surprised. Secondly, we’d like to invite you to attend for a few weeks ask what the Lord does in your life through the practice of liturgical worship. There is a reason why Christians for centuries have found a richness in this type of worship. 


Hymns may also be new to you. Like the liturgy, take time, read the hymns, pay attention to what they are saying. You will find a theological depth and richness. Prayerfully consider what these hymns say and how the Lord ministers to you through them. 


If you are coming from another liturgical tradition, expository preaching may be a new experience for you. We strive to take the preaching of the word seriously and often take time to work through entire books of the Bible on Sunday mornings. We have found this to be an incredibly fruitful discipline.

We affectionally invite all baptized Christians who are faithfully walking with our Lord Jesus Christ to come to the Lord’s table. We believe in the real spiritual presence of Christ at the Lord’s table and that the table brings us together as one Body in Christ. 



Children of all ages are encouraged to participate in worship. We believe that it is important to raise children in the church, and this benefits their long-term spiritual growth. You can even sit up front so they can see service better, we never consider children a disruption but that they integral participants in the church’s act of worship. If your children need to take a few minutes to regroup we have a small room in the back of the church where you can cuddle or play with them until they are ready to rejoin the service. 


We hope to see you soon!  


Want to know more? 

If you are still curious about Anglicanism but aren't ready to visit, shoot Rev. Dunn an email and he'll buy you coffee!

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