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The Fullness of Temptation

What is the significance of Jesus' temptation by the devil? What do we learn about the nature of the gospel by the fact that God the Father drove Jesus out by the Holy Spirit? This past Sunday we examined Matthew 4:1-11 and learned how significant Jesus' temptation is for our salvation and how it revealed to us the fullness of many things.


New Feature! - Questions for the week:


What are some ways that you find life by reading the Word of God? Is there anything practical that you can do to be more diligent in this?


Why does Jesus experience temptation? Why is this significant for you?


What are some struggles and temptations you've faced recently? How does what we learned Sunday help you in those temptations?


What does JI Packer say about knowing about God versus knowing God? How can we make the transition from knowing about God to knowing God?


The devil tempts Jesus to put God the Father to the test, have you ever experienced this kind of temptation? How do you overcome it?


What does Jesus' victory mean for you? Does this change how you will approach church tomorrow morning?

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