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Out of the pit

This week, we see Joseph pulled from the pit. In the narrative, it is easy to focus on what God has done for Joseph, which is a beautiful part of the story. However, if we slow down and look at the story more closely, we realize, it is about more than just what God has done for Joseph, but what God does for the world. Listing to this sermon for Trinity XII as we go deeper into this beloved story.

  1. This week, Fr Ian talked about being in the pit - and how Joseph was rescued from two pits. He noted that our salvation is not for worldly gain, and for things greater than our personal pleasure. One point he made is the healing power of Christ. Are there hardships that you are clinging to that God is calling you to give to Christ?

  2. We are promised that the Spirit will grow His fruit in our live, are there particularly fruit that you need to grow in? (See Galatians 5:22-23).

  3. Are you wasting your salvation?

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