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It Is Enough

This week, we read as Joseph finally reveals himself to his brothers. They now know the man they tried to kill some two decades early and then sold into slavery was in fact their redeemer. This story reminded the ancient Israelites that God sent Joseph to preserve both human life, and a remnant from the descendants of Jacob. They were also reminded that God is sovereign over rulers. As they feel lost and hopeless in the wilderness, it stands to show them God has plan. We can have hope in these same three truths, but they also remind us of something even greater - that one day the promise of Christ will be fulfilled - the kingdom of heaven, which we preach in our lives, will be fully realized.

  1. If you feel tired or terrified in the world we are living in, how does the truth that the gospel we proclaim now, will be fully lived some day soon give you hope?

  2. Do you feel well equipped to make disciples? If not, what do you need to feel better equipped?

  3. We were reminded about how the promise of the resurrection changes everything - how can this change your life and perspective?

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