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Two are better than one

As we continue our journey through Ecclesiastes, we notice that the preacher does not mince words. At first, his bluntness can be a bit jarring, but as we get to know him and his teaching style, we realize how this is meant to drive us towards a full and fulfilling life.

This past week, the preacher used a "sandwich" literary style to emphasize the importance of two being better than one.

The preacher points us toward the beautiful thing that happens when we come to know Christ: we are brought into a community that is much bigger than ourselves. As we read the preacher's message, we can recognize two things at play:

When we are adopted into the body of Christ, we are given numerous brothers and sisters in Christ who journey with us in sanctification. We are reminded of our call to weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. As such, we have friends who help us when we fall, encourage us on the journey, and pray with us when the devil attacks us.

We Christ - he is our prophet, priest, and king. He has redeems us and lifts us out of the mire of our sin, he is sanctifying us, and he defends us against the attacks of the devil.

These are two incredible promises. The second alone humbles and encourages us, but the reality that we have also been adopted into the body of Christ is amazing.

As we contemplate this, we can see that this call to walk with our brothers and sisters in Christ is often very challenging. But this is also part of the sanctifying process, where we learn to ask for forgiveness and to be forgiven.

The preacher uses this section to remind us that two are better than one.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some reasons that two are better than one?

  2. Where do you struggle to trust Christ and your Christian community?

  3. This week think about someone who might be lonely, give them a call and ask about visiting them.

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