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The things we treasure

We were reminded this Sunday how all things come from the Lord and all things are the Lord's. This can be a challenging concept for us, but if we accept this and realize that what the Lord has given us is his, and more importantly that he has fully provided our salvation - therefore, we do not need to fear anything. This not only gives us a great deal of confidence, but allows us the live for the glory of the Lord.

Reflection questions:

Fr. Ian talked about the reality that all the good gifts which we enjoy come from the Lord – are there things which you hold and treasure forgetting that the Lord has given them to


We were reminded that the Lord is the resurrection and the life – are there places that this truth might transform how you live? How you approach life? How you approach death?

We are reminded that the Lord provides – as you travel through this week, make a list of the ways the Lord has provided for you.

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