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Praying Evening Prayer

Praying the Evening office on your own can feel overwhelming the first couple of times you try to do it on your own. It is my prayer that this little guide will help you feel more comfortable with the office.

1. Pg. 21-22 – Read two (or more) seasonally sentences of scripture. The first five may be used at any time or specifically in Trinity.

2. Pg. 23 – Confess your sins to God. I find it helpful to take a few moments to review the sins I have been struggling with before praying the general confession.

3. Pg. 23-24 – Skip the absolution and pray the Lord’s Prayer and the call to worship, which continues on pg. 25.

4. Next pray the Psalms for the day.

5. Read the first lesson from your Bible.

6. Pg. 26-28 - Prayerfully read or sing the Magnificat, Cantate Domino, or Bonum est confiteri, follow with the Gloria Patri.

7. Read the second lesson from your Bible.

8. Pg. 28-29 - Prayerfully read or sing the Nunc dimittis, Deus misereatur, or Benedict, anima mea, follow with the Gloria Patri.

9. Pg. 29-30 - Confess the Apostle Creed

10. Pg. 30-31 – Pray the call and responses

11. Pray for the collect of the day, found in your Sunday bulletin, and in the BCP pg. 90-266. I find it helpful to leave a bookmark here so I don’t get lost.

12. Pg. 31 – Pray the Collects for Peace and Aid against Perils.

13. Here you may end or pray any of the other collects in the BCP. I find it helpful to end here and spend time praying for the church, our needs, my friends, and the need and concerns of my life.

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