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November Letter from the Rector

Beloved in Christ,

It is hard to believe how quickly October passed us by. I feel like it was just a few days ago that I was sitting at my computer and trying to figure out what to say to you for the month.

As you might imagine, in the Dunn household we have been very busy as we try to get everything for the coming of our child at the end of December. It feels like at every corner there’s another project we need to get done as soon as possible. Despite how frantic everything seems right now, there’s a beautiful excitement for what is coming. Many of you have shared similar sentiments with Julie and me. We thank you for this.

Amid our busy schedules, whether it is preparing for a new baby or grandchildren coming for Christmas, or a myriad of other things that can distract us this season, it’s easy to lose sight of being grateful for what the Lord has done. We become stressed out, frustrated, and grumpy. In this month’s “Abide in Christ,” we are including just a few ideas of how to remain grateful to our Lord for his working in our lives. These are meant to be a few ways to remember how God is presently working in our lives.

St. Paul calls us to give thanks in all circumstances. Of course, this can be a difficult thing, but are our hearts are transformed by gratitude. We find, even in challenging times, a grateful heart can persevere. There is no better time to renew our hearts in gratitude than in the month of November, as we prepare for Thanksgiving.

Thank you!

Speaking of gratitude, I want to take a moment and thank everyone for their warm welcoming of Julie into our parish over the last several months. We are moved by your generosity and kindness. We want to extend our gratitude for how kind you were last week at her baby shower. Thank you to the Lizak family for hosting, Ronnie and Holly for helping prepare the party and to everyone else who made Julie feel so loved.

Website update!

Due to several requests, I spent some time this morning updating the website. It now has an upcoming events schedule under “Events, News & More.” I know we are a busy church, and we need to be sure that everyone gets the appropriate updates.

It is a joy to walk with all of you as we continue to grow in Christ. I pray that his mercy and grace endures and strengthens in your life. I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.

In Christ,

Fr. Ian

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