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Guard your steps

This past Sunday, the preacher explored the consequences of carelessness in one's relationship with God.

He starts with a simple admonition: Guard your steps when you go to the house of God. These are simple and wise words, but we quickly saw that we go from carelessness to making promises we never intended to keep and flagrant sin when our walk is unchecked.

However, the preacher's warning is more than just a warning - the preacher also points us to a better thing: to fear God. 

To our modern ears, "fearing God" sounds jarring or wrong. We wonder about St. John's confession that God is Love and how that matches this call to fear God. However, JI Packer pointed out that fearing God is more about reverence and awe in the shadow of God's holiness, awesomeness, and sovereignty. This is, in fact, an appropriate posture before a great and loving God.

This posture brings us to humility, and humility builds our life in Christ.

Reflection questions:

  1. How does being living temples of the Holy Spirit change how we view life? Tiredness? Discouragement?

  2. What does a posture of fearing God do for your walk with God?

  3. What does a posture of humility do for your walk with God and your relationship with your neighbor?

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