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  • Mr. George Weil

Abraham's Faith

Chapter 24 is rich in spiritual lessons. We see Abraham, his servant and Rebekah three wonderful examples.

The first example is Abraham’s Example of Dedication. God has blessed him spiritually and materially, but he wants to be sure that the right bride is chosen for his son, Isaac. He trusts the promises of God.

The second example is the Servant’s example of devotion. The servant thought only of his Master and his Master’s will. And finally, Rebekah’s example of Decision. Would she stay home with her family and continue to be a servant or she by faith believe the words of the servant and go to be with Isaac, a man she has never seen?

Reflection Questions:

This week Mr. Weil, our pastoral intern, preaching on Genesis 24, in his sermon he reflected upon God's faithfulness, and how the Holy Spirit helps us to grow in to have a faith like Abraham, reflect this week on how your faith has grown over the last year, decade, your life.

What areas is the Lord is calling you to trust more in Him?

Are there areas that the Lord is calling you to deeper service in His church?

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