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Can We Trust Him?

This past Sunday we looked at Genesis 43, the 10 brothers of Joseph had just had a challenging visit to Egypt. They were tossed into prison, Simeon was kept, and they were told, don't return with out your youngest brother! Now, they are left with a question - can we trust this man? They do not know that the man in question is their brother. For the Hebrews reading this and for us - it pushes a bigger question - can we trust God? In this sermon we are reminded why the answer is an emphatic yes!

Reflection questions:

  1. If the statement about attachment types resonated with you, how does your attachment type affect your relationship with God?

  2. Each day this week, take time to write down as many ways as you can think of as how God has shown you that he is trustworthy.

  3. A part of talking about hard things in church is much like exercise - it builds you up so that when you need to run, or when you feel as though God isn't trustworthy. You can remember back to what He has done. This week, look at the history of Israel, or at the history of the church, and list some ways that God has worked in them.

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