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Dear Saints

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is already upon us. This past weekend reminded me how much we have to be thankful for, so many wonderful people who have labored to make All Saints a success in the past and in the present. Beyond that, I am thankful for the chance to get to know each of you over the last four months. 

Thank you to everyone who spoke at the parish hall dedication and reminding us of our history and helping us to commit to many more years of working to further the Christian faith in the Anglican way in the quad-city region. Thank you, Fr. Crites for his fascinating history of the church, to Jane and Bebe for their memories of their husbands Joe and Fr. Jack, and finally to Richard for sharing his special memory and connection to Fr. Jack. 

Thank you also to Ben, Don, and Fr. Crites who helped out and did a tremendous amount of work around the church. I hope everyone had a chance to check out the new signs. They are quite lovely. 

Please remember that we will have a Thanksgiving Holy Communion service tomorrow at 10 am. All are invited to start your Thanksgiving off with a giving thanks to the Lord. 

 Installation, Episcopal Visit, and Seminary Sunday

Saturday, December 9, and Sunday, December 10 will be very busy for us at All Saints. December 9th at 10 am is my installation as rector. There will be several priests from the Diocese of the West, and I hope some local clergy will be able to attend as well. 

Sunday, December 10th, will be our official episcopal visit. It is also seminary Sunday. We will have special envelopes if you wish to contribute to the national church's seminary fund. Educating priests is not inexpensive, and so every little bit helps. 

There is a sign-up sheet in the parish hall for the luncheon. 

Christmas schedule

Every now and again Christmas Eve falls on the same Sunday as Advent IV. This year happens to be one of those years. What this occurrence means is that we really should wait to green the church until after church on Sunday morning, 12/24. I know there has been some concern that we won't have time, but the ladies tell me that if we can get 4 or 5 folks who are willing to help out we should be okay. If you are available, please let me know, it should be a festive time. 

Advent Soup Suppers

We will have soup suppers on the Wednesdays after Advent I, II, & III after Evensong. There is a sign-up sheet to bring soup in the parish hall if you wish to participate. I may teach on one of the short epistles for the first two Wednesdays if there is interest. 

National Church News

Some time ago, I received an announcement that Deacon Daniel Dale Rieger would be ordained to the priesthood this weekend. Please keep him in your prayers as the day of his ordination comes and that he would faithfully seek to glorify God in his new ministry. 

A thank you for Thanksgiving 

I just want to thank all of you for what you bring to the church, how welcome you have made me feel and making my transition to All Saints so easy. I pray that we have a blessed Advent, Christmas, and the new year brings much joy. 

I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow for Thanksgiving and on Sunday. 

Fr. Ian Emile Dunn
Rector Elect
All Saints Anglican Church


Anglican Province of America

Presiding Bishop: The Most Rev. Walter Grundorf

Episcopal Visitor: The Rt. Rev Robert Giffin

Rector: The Rev. Ian Emile Dunn

(928) 443-5323

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