Dear Saints,

It was good for me to get away for a couple of days last week. I'm always surprised how tired I can get before I notice that I need a little break. 

For those of you who don't know, I went to visit some friends in California for the end of last week. While it was a little bit of a drive, I got to enjoy some beautiful country, some quiet, a bit of time to pray, and lovely fellowship with dear friends. One of these friends works for an experimental aeronautical research company. One of the projects they have been working on is the "Stratolaunch" airplane , which I think some of you will enjoy reading about. I was able to see this while I was out there, it is a staggeringly large plane. 

We often forget that in being created in God's image, we are creative beings. Some of the creations that humans have come up with amaze me. 

Trinity Sunday

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday, which means there will be some unique features for our worship. We will start with the Litany, which is familiar. Then instead of the Nicene Creed, we will have what is called the Athanasian Creed.  It is likely, St. Athanasius wrote this creed and is a traditionally accepted in the Anglican Church. The practice of reading it has somewhat fallen by the wayside, mostly because it is relatively long and a bit convoluted. However, many churches still read it on Trinity Sunday, because it presents a solid trinitarian formula, we will continue this tradition here at All Saints. 

The sermon will be from Revelation 4 if you have time, it would be good if you could give Revelation 1-3 a quick read, this will provide you with a backdrop for the sermon. Chapter 4 stands at a shift from letters to specific churches to an apocalyptic vision. We'll go into what all of this means on Sunday. 

Sunday is also the onsite brunch. This month will be deli sandwiches. It will also be our final Sunday for Christian Education until next fall. 

Memorial Day

Monday marks Memorial Day. In your prayers this weekend, please remember the families, friends, and loved ones all those who have lost their lives in the service of our country. 

There will be no Morning Prayer, and the office will be closed on Monday, though as always I am available by phone. 

June 1

The Ladies' Guild and Men's Fellowship meets on the first Friday of the month, June 1 at 11 am. Please try to attend. These are always good times of fellowship, edification, and seeking ways in which we can glorify the Lord through various ministries of the church. 

Bible Study

The Men's and Ladies' Bible Studies continue on the second Saturday of the month. We will be meeting at 9 am on June 9th as both groups continue to study the Essential 100 Bible Stories. Please join us as we continue to grow in our knowledge and love of our Lord. 

Summer Sermon Series! 

Our Summer Sermon Series this year will be on the Psalms. This series will start on the first Sunday in June. That Sunday we will talk about why the Psalms are important, then for the following nine weeks we will explore what the Psalms tell us about God, and in the final three weeks look at the Psalms and the Cross. I'm excited about this series, and I think it'll be edifying for all of us as we grow in our knowledge and love of the Lord.

If you have friends that are curious about what all this church stuff is about, this might be a good time to invite them! 

Web resources 

While nothing replaces worshiping together with our brothers and sisters in Christ, sometimes things come up, we have to travel for work, we get sick, life happens. Did you know you can read or listen to most sermons on our website? Additionally, if you want to participate in daily Morning Prayer, but can't make it to church at 8:30, you can listen here. If you accidentally delete a newsletter and want to reread it, most of them are available here

Enjoy this beautiful sunny day, be well, be blessed, and as always, I look forward to seeing you on Sunday. 

Fr. Ian Emile Dunn
All Saints Anglican Church


Anglican Province of America

Presiding Bishop: The Most Rev. Walter Grundorf

Episcopal Visitor: The Rt. Rev Robert Giffin

Rector: The Rev. Ian Emile Dunn

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