Dear Saints,

Unless a church does a Vacation Bible School program, it seems that summers are always quiet. Even here at All Saints, we are coming to this more relaxed portion of summer. We'll be wrapping up most of our winter and spring activity here in a few months, to give everyone a little bit of a break. With that in mind, there are not a ton of announcements. 

However, our life walking with the Lord doesn't take a break. Now is a good time to practice hospitality and invite a fellow parishioner over for a barbeque or get to know your neighbors better as you enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the backyard. There are always ways to be a blessing in our community, let us be looking for these opportunities and "let our light so shine before all men, that they may see our good works and praise our father in heaven." 

Office Hours today

Office hours today are limited. I have a little bit of downtime in my school schedule, so I'm going to head out to visit an old college friend. If something should arise and you need me, please call me. My cell phone or the office phone will get to me. 


On Sunday we will celebrate the giving of the Holy Spirit to the Church. For many years there has been a tradition in the church of wearing red on this day. I always think it's quite fun when people do that. 

Christian Education 

We have two more Wednesday nights of watching "For the Life of the World." Even if you've missed the earlier ones, you can still come out and watch the last two with us. 

We also have two more Sundays in May. We will not be able to finish all of the 39 Articles of Religion like I had hoped, but we'll resume our study of them in the fall. Following that, we have been talking about doing a class on theodicy - that is - the problem of suffering. 

If there is some element of the Christian faith or the Anglican Tradition that you'd like to know more about, please let me know. Your question could be a good topic of study for Christain Education. 

Deli-day at All Saints

May 27th, Trinity Sunday, will be our monthly brunch. This month we will be enjoying deli sandwiches and fellowship. Please try to attend this event as it is an excellent way to get to know your fellow parishioners. 

A Summer Study in the Psalms

Our summer preaching series will explore the topic of the Psalms. June first we'll ask the question - why bother studying and reading the Psalms? For the following eight weeks, we'll ask the question - what do the Psalms tell us about God? And finally, in August we'll talk about the Psalms and the cross. If you have a friend who is wondering who God is, and why we take our faith seriously, this might be a good time to invite them! 

Fr. Ian Emile Dunn
All Saints Anglican Church


Anglican Province of America

Presiding Bishop: The Most Rev. Walter Grundorf

Episcopal Visitor: The Rt. Rev Robert Giffin

Rector: The Rev. Ian Emile Dunn

(928) 443-5323

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