Dear Saints

Sorry I didn't get a newsletter out last week. I was surprised how busy I was at the clergy conference. It was good to learn, worship, and fellowship with my fellow priests. While it was exhausting, I am very thankful for the time to do that. Thank you for your prayers for my safe travel. 

Lent will soon be upon us, and we have several events coming up having to do with that, so remember to mark your calendar. 

Tomorrow, February 2

Ladies' Guild will be meeting at 11 am in the parish hall. 

We will also have Holy Communion for The Presentation of Christ at the Temple at 6 pm. 


We are continuing our Christian Education course in Anglican thought. We have studied The Apostles Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and this week we'll be starting with the Ten Commandments. This next section will be entitled "How then shall we behave?" We meet at 9 am before the service. 

Shrove Tuesday, February 13

We will have a pancake supper at 5 pm on Shrove Tuesday. As has been the tradition of Anglican Churches around the world the men will be cooking a delicious meal of pancakes. 

Men - if you are available to help please see Ben Lizak or Don Foster. 

Ash Wednesday - February 14

Ash Wednesday falls on Valentines Day this year, which makes it easy to remember, but perhaps a little tough on star-crossed lovers. We will have two services this year: 

8:30 am - Morning Prayer, Penitential Office, and Imposition of Ashes

6:00 pm - Penitential Office, Imposition of Ashes, and Holy Communion

Ash Wednesday is a day of introspecting and asking that God may reveal areas that you are struggling to trust Him completely. Please try to make one of these services. Additionally, the church will be open from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm for a quiet place to pray. I will also be on site during that time for anyone who finds themselves needing to confess or just needing someone to talk with. 

Holy Week

The week between Palm Sunday and Easter is the last week in March, so it's still quite some time off, but I wanted to make sure everyone knew what would be on the Calendar. I will remind you of these dates again once we get into March. 

We will have Morning Prayer - Monday through Friday at 8:30 am. 
Wednesday at 6 pm - Tenebrae 
Thursday at 6 pm - Maundy Thursday Holy Communion
Friday at 11:30 am - Holy Communion from the reserved Sacrament, the church will remain open from 11:30 to 3:00 PM as a place to pray. 
Saturday at 6:50 PM (Sunset) - Easter Vigil
Sunday at 10:00 am - The Feast of the Resurrection - Easter Sunday. 

There are a lot of service throughout the week, and I know many of you won't be able to make it all of them, but I would encourage everyone to try and make at least one or two as we remember the initiation of the Lord's Supper, the confusion of the apostles, the suffering of Christ on the cross, and the mystery of Holy Saturday. 

A thought on confession

As Lent approaches, you may be wondering if we are going to be having confession. My understanding of confession is that it is a pastoral office, not merely something to check off on your to-do list. We have our corporate confession, where we admit that each of us has gone astray when we gather together on Sunday mornings, which is profoundly important. However, if you find that there is a sin you're struggling with, then maybe it's time to talk with your priest. These pastoral meetings aren't designed to be a time for you to feel judged but rather to work through why you're struggling, and then to receive the assurance of Christ's grace in your life. 

As Lent approaches, I would encourage us all to be praying that the Lord would reveal to us in what ways we need to trust in Him more deeply, where we need to repent, and how we can grow stronger in His grace and mercy. 

I trust each of you have had a blessed week, and as always, I look forward to seeing you on Sunday. 

Fr. Ian Emile Dunn
All Saints Anglican Church


Anglican Province of America

Presiding Bishop: The Most Rev. Walter Grundorf

Episcopal Visitor: The Rt. Rev Robert Giffin

Rector: The Rev. Ian Emile Dunn

(928) 443-5323

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