Dear Saints, 

A bless'd and joyous Thursday to all of you. 

We often find ourselves wrapped up in our little worlds, scurrying around and missing all so many small details happening around us. For me, it's been a very busy week of running around and trying to keep up with everything that must be done. Such was the case on Tuesday night when I was locking up the church after a lovely hour of catechesis with some of the new folks who are working on joining the church. As I looked out over the parking lot, one of the most beautiful Arizona sunsets confronted me. It was good to have a few moments to enjoy that breathtaking scene. 

It is hard to believe that August is coming to an end tomorrow, but we have a lot of exciting things planned for the fall, and I hope that many of you will join us for these events.

Fall Happenings

We continue to have our regularly scheduled events including the meeting of our Ladies' Guild and Men's Fellowship on the first Friday of the month, at 11 am. We also have our monthly men's and women's bible study on the second Saturday at 9 am. 

On Sunday, September 9th we will resume our Sunday morning Adult Christian Education. We will finish our study in the 39-Articles of Religion. Following that (I am hoping in early October) we will start our next class - God's Grace in our Suffering (or a study in why there is suffering in this world). There is a book that we will be reading for this, if you would like to participate, please let me know, and we will purchase a batch of the books. 11 dollar donations to cover the cost of the books will be accepted but not required. 

We will resume our Wednesday night classes later in September or early October. I am working on a plan for this, and I am starting to nail down what we will do. I'm sorry for the delayed start and be looking for an announcement to be coming out soon. 

Read the Gospels this Fall

Our Autumn bookmarks from September through to the end of December will take us through the four Gospel accounts of Jesus' life. I encourage everyone to take time to do this. Reading the Gospels is the best way to know who Christ is, to see His dynamic life and grow in your knowledge of Him. September's bookmark will be available Sunday morning in church. 

The Cross

I've gotten a lot of feedback about the cross on the church. Almost everyone who has talked to me wants it to stay as it is. We are working on finding someone who can go up and inspect it to make sure that it is safe. If it is safe to leave it up there, we will leave it as is. If it is not safe, we'll look into ways to reinforce it, or find a place that we can put it that won't be dangerous for those who are passing by. I agree that it is very beautiful as it is. However, we want to be sure that it won't fall an injure anyone. 

Labor Day

The office will be closed, and there will be no Morning Prayer next Monday, September 3rd in observance of Labor Day. As always - when the office is closed I am still available by phone in case of emergency. 

I always find fall to be an exciting season as the air starts to cool off a little. In Maine, I always looked forward to the crispness in the air. I remember the season change sneaking up on me, and suddenly I found I needed a jacket. This season is no different, and I am looking forward to this fall, and I think we have a lot to be excited about here at All Saints. 

Keep praying for our church, be well, and as always I look forward to seeing you on Sunday. 

Fr. Ian Emile Dunn
All Saints Anglican Church


Anglican Province of America

Presiding Bishop: The Most Rev. Walter Grundorf

Episcopal Visitor: The Rt. Rev Robert Giffin

Rector: The Rev. Ian Emile Dunn

(928) 443-5323

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